Changes to T Level policy and Post-16 Quals Review timetable

Last week the Secretary of State announced some changes to T Level Policy and the post-16 qualifications review timetable.The Secretary of State has announced plans allowing an extra year before the government’s Level 3 reform timetable is implemented. This extra year will allow us to continue to work hard to support the growth of T Levels and gives more notice to providers, awarding organisations, employers, students and parents so that they can prepare for the changes, which involve the removal of 16-19 funding approval for qualifications that overlap with wave 1 and 2 T Levels from AY 2024/25, and from wave 3 and 4 T Levels from AY 2025/26. DfE will be publishing the provisional list of qualifications in scope for defunding in 2024 in the coming months.On T Levels, until now T Level students have been required to achieve either a grade 4 in English and maths GCSE or level 2 in functional skills in order to pass their T Level. Following feedback it has now been decided to remove the exit requirement with immediate effect for all T Level students, bringing T Levels into line with other level 3 post-16 programmes, such as A levels. Guidance is due shortly on how this will be implemented.

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