ESFA: qualification achievement rates (QAR) 2017 to 2018 provisional data window

The ESFA will publish your provisional QAR 2017 to 2018 data this week. The data will be available in the ‘QAR reports’ section of the Data Returns page on the Hub.

You will have until 5pm on Friday 1 February to inform us of any concerns about how the ESFA have implemented the published methodology. You cannot request fixes or adjustments to your 2017 to 2018 individualised learner record (ILR) data.

If you have any queries with the provisional data, please complete a data query form and email this to the service desk at Please put ‘ESFA Business Operations QAR’ at the top of your query.

The ESFA will also publish an updated QAR reports user guide and dataset specifications this week.

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