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Engagement in NE Apprenticeship Research

Further to my previous comms on the subject, the ask for data has been simplified which may make it easier to engage in the research.

If you are involved in apprenticeships for 16-18 year olds, please see the ask below from the North East LEP:

The North East LEP have commissioned WaveHill Consulting to conduct research into unfilled apprenticeship vacancies with a focus on 16-18 year olds. We are keen to reflect the experiences of independent training providers and share the research findings in due course but to date we have only had one response from an ITP.

There is already interest from national stakeholders in this work which we hope will help shape and influence future policy across all spatial levels be that from promotion of apprenticeships across schools, advertising of apprenticeships and support required to ensure a positive, sustained experience for all involved.

Please can you provide the following information to Jamie Buttrick, who is leading the project on behalf of WaveHill ( , ideally no later than the 10th August:

  • No. starts by sector, subject, level and LA area

  • No. apprenticeship achievers by sector, subject, level and LA area

  • 16-18 starts as a proportion of total starts in the last 12 months, including their qualification on entry and postcode

  • No. withdrawals in 42 days by reason by sector, subject, level and LA area

If you collect data at a provider level on the number of No. vacancies by sector, subject, level and LA area that would also be helpful but if this is not available this does not preclude you from participating in the above data task.

For each of the above we would like your data for at least the last 12 months (and up to four years where possible) on a quarterly basis (if possible to identify any trends by time of year).

Should you wish to discuss this with Jamie please feel free to email him directly.


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