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Free Webinar: VAT - The curse of the Training Classes

We are pleased to arrange a free webinar for NELP members, which may be of particular interest to Finance Directors and business owners.

Wednesday 25th January - 0930-1030 (please register using the link below)

VAT represents a significant cost to training providers, added to these costs, HMRC have at their disposal interest and penalty charges to exacerbate the financial impact.

It is therefore important, to not only consider the risks involved of applying VAT incorrectly but even more important is to identify planning to ensure the most cost-effective VAT treatment.

Topics / Issues

1. Mitigating the cost of incurring irrecoverable VAT.

2. Special methods for partial exemption to maximise VAT recovery.

3. Charging of VAT by Awarding Bodies.

4. Interpretation of the VAT liability applicable to vocational training provision.

5. VAT liability of Advance Learner Loan Funding

6. Management charges by prime contractors.

7. Apprenticeship levy co-investment.

Can you afford not to seriously consider the application of VAT by your business? Presented by Matt Payne, Grosvenor VAT Consultants

Grosvenor VAT Consultants have been involved in advising training providers for over 20 years, acting for well over 100 provider clients. Their expert advice has resulted in over £4 million in refunds of VAT from HMRC, with the additional benefit of ongoing beneficial VAT treatment. Grosvenor VAT Consultants in the guise of its founder Mike Payne has also advised AELP on VAT matters, presented seminars and webinars for the Association, also attending and exhibiting at their conferences. Mike also acts for and advises a number of awarding bodies, including one £ multi-million international organisation.


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