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NE Automotive Alliance Provider Workshop - Tomorrow

Apologies for the short notice on this update, we just heard about this today but wanted to share with our members in case of interest.

The NEAA has been nominated by DfE to lead the development of the Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP) for the NE area. As you will have seen from the guidance issued by DfE, LSIPs give employers a stronger voice in shaping local skills provision working closely with FE providers and engaging effectively with local leaders and other stakeholders. The LSIP will set out a clear articulation of employers’ skills needs, and the priority changes required in a local area to help ensure post-16 technical education and skills provision is more responsive and flexible in meeting local labour market skills needs.

The guidance also states the Act places duties on specific relevant providers and duties on these providers to:

  • co-operate with the designated ERB, working with them to create an LSIP, keep this under review and develop a replacement plan where appropriate

  • once developed have regard to these plans when considering their post-16 technical education or training offer

  • have regard to the guidance issued by the Secretary of State

As such I would like to you invite to this meeting in order to review our plans, seek feedback and input in order to achieve a shared understanding. The meeting takes place on 30 September, 9am-11am at Vantec Europe, Hilthorne Business Park, Sunderland, NE37 3HG.


  • Welcome & Introduction

  • LSIP Briefing

    • LSIP Policy Overview

    • Roles & Responsibilities

    • LSIP Structure

    • Development of NE LSIP

    • Learning from Trailblazer LSIPs

    • NE LSIP Operating Principle

    • Proposed approach to stakeholder engagement

  • Break

  • Clarity - Question & Answers

  • Feedback – opportunities for engagement /concerns

  • Next Steps

If you are not the most appropriate person in your organisation to attend then please forward this meeting invitation. I hope you are able to join us, if not happy to follow up afterwards.

Paul Butler


North East Automotive Alliance Limited

M: +44 7525 277 309


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