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Northern Skills Network - Skills Across The North Conference

Buy one ticket and get another free! The promo code is SKILLS22

NELP members are invited to the next Northern Skills Network conference.

We will be joined by brilliant guest speakers who will be discussing matters such as:

  • Policy in FE

  • Prison Apprenticeships


  • How policy is implemented in The North and its regions

  • LSIP and Devolution

  • Local initiatives

  • Place-focused Ofsted update

We believe these are matters of importance for us all, and for our members across the North we are providing an exclusive offer so we can bring as many people to the conversation as possible.

Buy one ticket and get another free!

We care about the North and its access to skills and development. That’s why we want our members to gain as much from this conference as they can; if that means an extra colleague to make more notes and ask us more questions, then we will make that happen!

We realise that the post-COVID landscape has been tough on all of us in the FE sector, so please don’t attend our event alone and know we are here to support you and your organisation.

The promo code is SKILLS22


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