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Reminder - Get listed on the new Provider Portal -with support from the LEP.

Part of the research carried out by the North East Local Enterprise Partnership identified that school leavers don't know much about independent training providers and have little knowledge of the alternative options to sixth form and college.

We are pleased to see a new tool available that the North East LEP has created to help address that issue. Don't miss the opportunity to get your training company listed.

See below, posted on behalf of the Local Enterprise Partnership.


Our research suggests that, on average, year 11 students leave statutory education knowing 35% less about independent provider opportunities than they do about other post 16 options. The LEP is keen to address this gap in knowledge. To do this we need to understand if there is an appetite for LEP support and if so the type of support required. This form will help us to tailor our support offer to each provider. It will also identify providers not currently looking for support.


Once the form is completed I will release the Portal link direct to the provider. The portal is one of the actions we are taking to start addressing the disproportionate low levels of knowledge young people, their parents, carers and teachers have regarding independent providers and their offers. This LEP hosted portal is a free resource which providers can use to promote their programmes and courses. It features a number of interactive tools which will enable potential learners to identify their best training and support options. Tom Gallon -


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