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Skills Office Network become a NELP member.

North East Learning Providers are pleased to welcome Skills Office Network as a new member.

About Skills Office Network

Skills Office Network offer a complete training support service for employers, existing training providers and prospective training providers. Skills Office Network understand the vast range of opportunities for employers within the training industry. We also understand the complexities and risks.

Skills Office Network’s support services remove complexities and barriers, enabling you to

deliver outstanding training. Our key support functions are delivered by highly experienced

industry professionals helping you to reduce costs and risks whilst increasing contract value.

From performance management and RoATP submissions through to OFSTED readiness and bid writing, Skills Office Network have the expertise to provide the solutions you need.

If you are considering setting up as a training provider or you want your existing business to be able to deliver training and apprenticeships in-house, Skills Office Network is here to provide expert advice and guidance.

Logical Training is the apprenticeship delivery arm of Skills Office Network, who are a fully

accredited RoATP member. We are proud to offer a carefully developed selection of

apprenticeships, designed and delivered by experts in their respective sectors.


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