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Working together to close the Autism Employment Gap

The DWP are committed to narrowing the autism employment gap by encouraging and supporting employers to make roles accessible to autistic candidates. By participating in the drive to get more autistic people into employment, you will:

  • Discover a dedicated untapped pool of talent who have skills and abilities that are good for business, want to work and could fill your existing skills gaps.

  • Access high-quality staff who are skilled, loyal, highly motivated, and hard-working.

  • Discover a different perspective - autistic employees can bring something extra to the table whether it be a different outlook, a unique approach to problem solving, or a different set of life experiences.

  • Create an inclusive workforce that reflects the diverse range of customers it serves and the community in which it is based – which enhances the image of your business locally.

  • Do something to meet the Disability Confident commitment of your organisation or add to that which you are already doing. If you are not a Disability Confident organisation yet, please click on this link to find out more and make a commitment - Disability Confident.

  • Meet the Corporate Social Responsibility aspirations of your organisation.

  • Learn more about simple, inexpensive workplace adjustments that are beneficial to your new recruits and to your existing workforce.

  • Find out more about the government Access to Work scheme and how it can benefit employers and employees.

  • Start the neurodiversity conversation in your workplace and improve the awareness of it amongst your colleagues.

  • Review your existing recruitment processes to ensure that they are inclusive and not inadvertently excluding applicants with specific needs – such as those with autism.

  • Showcase the inclusivity of your organisation through good news stories in the media.

  • Help to create a society that works for autistic people.

What is autism?

Autism is a developmental condition that affects the way people communicate and interreact with the world. It is a spectrum condition meaning that people are affected in different ways and to different degrees. The autism spectrum is wide and autistic people are infinitely varied, each with their own individual profile of strengths and challenges.

Most autistic adults want to work and the opportunity to do so can transform their lives, enabling independence, providing structure and the opportunity to participate. Autistic thinking style means many autistic people have skills and abilities that are good for business and make loyal and determined employees. There are also many benefits to an organisation in having a diverse and inclusive workforce. However, due to barriers in the traditional recruitment process and a lack of confidence amongst employers on how to support autistic colleagues, there is currently a significant autism employment gap and autistic people are underrepresented in the workforce.

Download this information and video links to share with your colleagues.

The Autism Employment Gap (002)
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